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Superior may refer to
  • Superior (hierarchy), in a hierarchical structure of any kind, a superior is above a subordinate and closer to the apex
  • Superior is the generic term, and in some cases the formal title, for the head of a monastery or other local unit of a religious order or congregation, e.g. abbot and prior, while a general superior and a provincial superior, exercise a supervisory role in a religious order or congregation viz. a territorial part of it (called ecclesiastical province)
  • Standard Superior, a German automobile brand built in the 1920s that may have been a forerunner of the Volkswagen Beetle
  • Superior Coach Company, a former manufacturer of school buses and that currently builds hearses
  • Superior (band), a progressive metal band from Germany
  • "Superior" is also used anatomically, meaning above or in a higher position on the body (when the body is in its anatomical position). The head is the most superior part of the body
  • Superior (proposed U.S. state), an unsuccessful, and occasionally facetious, proposal for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to form a state separate from Michigan
  • Superior Helicopter, a heavy lift helicopter operator of Glendale, Oregon
  • Superior, a difficulty rating in Dance Dance Revolution
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